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 WIDT Objectives 

Western Isles Development Trust (WIDT) was established in 2004, as a Company Limited by Guarantee. Its Articles of Association have five objectives. These are as follows:

1. the advancement of citizenship and community development including, without limitation, urban or rural regeneration, maintenance and improvement of the physical and social infrastructure within the environs of the Western Isles (the "Western Isles Community"), including supporting the aspirations of local communities and the provision, maintenance and improvement of recreational facilities;

2. the prevention or relief of poverty in the Western Isles Community, including, without limitation, the provision of support and grants to organisations and individuals working to prevent or relieve poverty including through energy efficient schemes;

3. the advancement of environmental protection or improvement, including, without limitation, supporting a forward-looking environmental enhancement approach and the provision, maintenance, and improvement of environmental facilities;

4. the advancement of education including, without limitation, the provision, maintenance and improvement of educational facilities and raising awareness in relation to energy and energy-related issues that are driving global, national and local change; and

5. the advancement of the arts, heritage, culture or science including, without limitation, the provision, maintenance and improvement of recreational and cultural facilities and raising awareness of the Gaelic language.

The purpose of the trust is to support the regeneration and development of the Outer Hebrides through the disbursement of community benefit secured from the local deployment of renewable energy installations. This community benefit will come from a range of technologies, predominately onshore wind, offshore wind, wave and tidal. Over time and as grid connectivity allows, WIDT will expand its activities to support community ownership of large-scale renewable energy infrastructure with the objective of addressing fuel Poverty through access to locally generated "green" electricity.

Within the Company and Charity objectives, the Board’s current main focus is to assist projects which will:
(i)Support the alleviation of fuel poverty; and
(ii)Promote renewable energy schemes.
The Trust is currently inviting applications for funding that will specifically meet those criteria (whilst also being in accordance with the Trust’s wider objectives). For the present time, applications which do not sufficiently meet those criteria will not be successful.

Enquiry and eligibility forms will be available here.

Further information can be obtained via our email form.

Follow the link to access membership application forms.

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